West Salem began working with Grota Appraisals, LLC through a Special Projects Manager in 2015.  Grota Appraisals and its sister company Assessment Technologies worked closely with our assessor at the time, providing a significant conversion of our assessment data to the Market Drive software program, providing extensive on-site, electronic, and telephone guidance to our assessor and my office, and providing countless hours of assistance to our assessor in completing the 2015 assessment process.  Unexpectedly in June of 2016, our assessor of over 40 years submitted his resignation to the Village of West Salem.  Grota Appraisals immediately offered to take over where our former assessor left off and complete the duties for 2016 as Village Assessor.  Grota Appraisals provided an accurate and extensive market update on real estate, personal property, and mobile home municipal permit fees within a very short timeframe to ensure West Salem’s submittal deadlines were met.

As West Salem moved through the process of creating a request for assessment proposals and review of the proposals submitted, Grota Appraisals was there to provide guidance, cost analysis, advice, and invaluable assistance in determining what type of revaluation West Salem needs for 2017 and maintenance services into 2018.  Grota Appraisal took on the duties as our assessor under difficult and challenging circumstances, and the result was a seamless 2016 assessment.  West Salem would have preferred Grota Appraisals continue on as our assessor for future years.  However, the distance from its offices to West Salem does not provide the proximity needed to provide the prompt customer service Grota Appraisals strives for in its work.

I would highly recommend Grota Appraisals’ exceptional service to any municipality planning a full revaluation, exterior revaluation, or a market update at a competitive price.

Teresa L. Schnitzler

Village Administrator/Clerk-Treasurer

Village of West Salem