As with Real Property, Grota Appraisals produces annual, up-to-date, and comprehensive assessments of business personal property and computer equipment eligible for municipal reimbursement from the State of Wisconsin.

Grota Appraisal takes additional steps to produce the best Personal Property roll:

  • Annual viewing, discovery and listing of businesses for each community
  • Continuous updating of business status and activities
  • Personal Property Forms with previous years’ information mailed to each business – doing so substantially increases our return rate
  • Reminders are sent to each business before the deadline when a completed form is not received from the business
  • Careful handling of business owner and/or accountant questions for completing forms
  • Audits which identify potential problems or missing information
  • Audits which identify missing accounts
  • Assessment roll preparation and reconciliation
  • We are compliant with DOR digital data requirements for buildings on leased land (photos and sketches), as well as all other data used to create the personal property assessments
  • Assessment notices sent for all Personal Property accounts