The same care taken for Real Property and Personal Property is why Grota Appraisals’ assessment of Mobile Homes and Mobile Home Parks sets us apart from other assessors. Our vast experience includes urban parks to recreational parks located on lakes or vacation areas.

Grota Appraisals provides credible annual and monthly parking permit fees:

  • We discover, measure and list each home on site
  • We are compliant with the DOR digital records requirement. Gathered data is entered into Market Drive CAMA – including sketches & pictures
  • We annually perform a sales analysis
  • We annually update values for improvements and the actual assessment ratio is applied for tax calculation
  • We provide both the park owner/operator and municipality a comprehensive worksheet at the beginning of the year and when changes occur
  • We produce the PA-118 fee which includes the lottery credit calculation when applicable
  • We send the Notice of Monthly Parking Permit fee which outlines the calculation of the monthly charge and shows the payment for each month
  • We will update records for new or removed mobiles and send appropriate notices as necessary