About Us

The Clear Leader of Wisconsin Assessors

It is Grota Appraisals’ goal to be the industry leader of Wisconsin Assessors by providing the most comprehensive assessment service.
We will always follow the “best” practices as described in the Wisconsin Property Assessment Manual. This includes correctly discovering and listing Real Property, Personal Property, and Mobile Homes. We use and are experts with Market Drive PC assessment software that we helped to develop and know better than anyone else.

We will give superb customer service and follow through by keeping in contact with our municipalities and answering taxpayer questions promptly and courteously.

It is also Grota Appraisals’ philosophy to retain employees on a long-term basis and develop each into an experienced, knowledgeable, well-rounded individual who will be able to answer questions or perform their functions for any community that we assess no matter how diverse. These qualities have helped us grow and prosper each year with a reputation that is second to none.

Grota Appraisals will not compromise its standards in order to compete. Our competition offers “bargain” priced assessment services that take liberties on the interpretation of “best” practices. Grota Appraisals will never take shortcuts and will only provide fair and equitable assessments. Our municipalities deserve the most precise data collection, fair and equitable assessments, friendly and knowledgeable customer service, and a local assessor who knows the community’s attributes that make it unique.

We Know the Course Your Community Needs to Take!

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